1. Re:Spinal Boards Do NOT Work

    Absolutely Correct. You can not immobilize a spine to a flat surface.

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  2. Spinal Boards Do NOT Work

    Dear Editor

    Your study states that spinal boards are the gold standard - they are not!. Numerous studies have shown that they do not achieve an acceptable level of immobilization, cause additional discomfort, pain and indeed pressure damage. They should be baned from pre-hospital use, let alone consideration for in-hospital use.

    The Gold standard here is the vacuum mattress, an altogether better piece of equipment which has a much superior performance when it comes to spinal immobilization.

    Yours Most Faithfully,

    Aidan E. Tasker-Lynch, Executive Director, PSEMT.

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Among patients with minor TBI (GCS 13-15) getting CT scans ≥ 24 hours after injury, what proportion have a traumatic finding?


0.5% - 43% response rate
3% - 41% response rate
10% - 16% response rate

Related original article: PCT head imaging in patients with head injury who present after 24 h of injury: a retrospective cohort study