Emerg Med J 23:509-511 doi:10.1136/emj.2005.030544
  • Review

A structured literature review on the use of high fidelity patient simulators for teaching in emergency medicine

  1. J McFetrich
  1. Northumbria Healthcare Trust, Stocksfield, Northumberland, UK
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 Dr J McFetrich
 97 New Ridley Road, Stocksfield, Northumberland, NE43 7EH, UK; jamesmcf{at}
  • Accepted 20 February 2006


High fidelity simulators are commonly used educational tools, mainly in anaesthesia. This literature review examines the use of simulators for teaching in emergency medicine and covers some of their advantages and disadvantages, and evidence for their use.


  • Competing interests: the author is organiser of a nurse education course using a Laerdal SimMan.