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An unusual cause of abdominal distension
  1. D Rimal,
  2. S I H Tou,
  3. S R Thapa,
  4. N Munasingha,
  5. V Chitre
  1. Department of Surgery, James Paget NHS Trust, Great Yarmouth, UK
  1. Dr Debesh Rimal, Department of Surgery, James Paget Hospital, Lowestoft Road, Great Yarmouth, NR31 6LA, UK; kathmanducity{at}

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An 85-year-old caucasian female presented with a 1 day history of progressive abdominal distension not associated with pain, nausea or vomiting. The only significant past medical history was of a right total hip replacement for osteoarthritis 5 years previously. She complained of no bowel or urinary symptoms and there was no history of change in bowel …

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