Emerg Med J 30:424-425 doi:10.1136/emermed-2013-202602.2
  • Best Evidence Topic Reports

BET 2: Stabilisation of pelvic fractures

Report by: David Clarke, St5 Emergency Medicine

Search checked by: Michael Stewart, St5 Emergency Medicine

Institution: Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport, UK and Blackpool Victoria Hospital, Blackpool, UK


A short-cut review was carried out to establish whether pelvic immobilisation with a T-POD, or similar device, or pelvic immobilisation with a wrapped sheet is better at fracture stabilisation. Three papers were relevant to the question. The author, date and country of publication, patient group studied, study type, relevant outcomes, results and study weaknesses of these papers are shown in table 2. The clinical bottom line is that these devices/techniques do reduce and stabilise some fractures, whether one device is better than another is unclear.

Three-part question

In …