Table 5

Effect of age, sex and prior training

TopicTestAge (p values)Sex (p values)Prior training (p values)
Theoretical knowledgePractical skillsTheoretical knowledgePractical skillsTheoretical knowledgePractical skills
Call the correct ambulance numberPre-test<0.001*<0.001*0.5550.8520.015 0.023
4 months after test0.1230.2240.4160.8030.2030.171
Correct assessment of breathingPre-test<0.001*<0.001 0.9180.4130.4880.582
4 months after test0.4210.3760.0950.7330.1200.773
Correct recovery positionPre-test0.03*<0.001 0.1220.4780.9270.384
4 months after test0.7080.2890.9910.1270.6440.902
Automated external defibrillator (AED)Pre-test<0.001 <0.001*0.0670.5670.1220.915
Post-test<0.001 0.4320.1070.7860.3820.634
4 months after test<0.001 <0.001*0.9970.3850.2920.701
Manage severe bleedingPre-test<0.001*<0.001*0.4660.3120.041 0.121
4 months after test0.1580.1370.2050.2850.3120.302
  • Sex and prior training were compared with correct answers using the χ2 test. Ages were compared with correct answers using ANOVA and t-test.

  • *Statistically significant difference between 7–8-year-olds and older children (ANOVA and t-test).

  • †Statistically significant difference between 13–14-year-olds and younger children (ANOVA and t-test).

  • ‡Statistically significant difference between children with and without prior training (χ2 test).