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A comparison of symptoms experienced following minor head injury and acute neck strain (whiplash injury).
  1. K Barrett,
  2. N Buxton,
  3. A D Redmond,
  4. J M Jones,
  5. A Boughey,
  6. A B Ward
  1. Department of Psychiatry, School of Postgraduate Medicine, Stoke-on-Trent, UK.


    The symptoms reported by patients who have experienced minor head or minor neck injury are compared. Symptoms were identified using a questionnaire-based out-patients interview. Rank order correlation analyses were carried out on data obtained at 2 and 6-12 weeks post-injury. Data on 24 head-injured and 29 neck-injured patients are presented. There was a significant rank order correlation at both assessments but neck injured patients reported more phobia (fear of travelling in car) and depression, and head-injured more dizziness. It is likely that neck-injury contributes to the symptomatology experienced after minor head injury, and vice-versa.

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