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The accident and emergency department as a single portal of entry for the reassessment of all trauma patients transferred to specialist units.
  1. P M O'Connor,
  2. J A Steele,
  3. C H Dearden,
  4. L G Rocke,
  5. R B Fisher
  1. Accident and Emergency Department, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, Northern Ireland.


    127 patients who were transferred to a regional referral centre for specialist treatment within 48 h of serious injury were reassessed on arrival in the receiving accident and emergency department by a trauma team. 80 transferred patients (63%) required intervention in the accident and emergency department to complete assessment or resuscitation. In view of the well recognised difficulties in managing patients with multiple trauma and the possibility that initially occult injuries may become clinically significant during transport, transferred trauma patients should be reassessed in the accident and emergency department of the receiving hospital by a trauma team consisting of senior medical staff experienced in all aspects of trauma care.

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