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Is fasting necessary before prilocaine Bier's block?
  1. I O'Sullivan,
  2. S Brooks,
  3. J Maryosh
  1. Kent and Canterbury Hospital, United Kingdom.


    OBJECTIVE--To determine whether fasting is necessary before intravenous regional anaesthesia (Bier's block). METHODS--A questionnaire study was carried out to assess accident and emergency (A&E) departments' policies and opinions in relation to Bier's block anaesthesia. Questionnaires were sent to 282 A&E consultants, of whom 216 replied (77% response rate). RESULTS--About 5000 Bier's block procedures are carried out each year in the United Kingdom. Intravenous regional anaesthesia appears safe. Over one third of units did not fast their patients. The complication rate was similar in fasted and unfasted groups. CONCLUSIONS--Starvation of the patient before intravenous regional anaesthesia is not necessary and should be abandoned.

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