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Intravenous chlorpromazine versus intramuscular sumatriptan for acute migraine.
  1. A M Kelly,
  2. M Ardagh,
  3. C Curry,
  4. J D'Antonio,
  5. S Zebic
  1. Emergency Department, Western Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.


    OBJECTIVE: To establish whether there is any difference in the efficacy of a chlorpromazine regimen and a sumatriptan regimen for the management of the pain of acute severe migraine. SETTING: Two urban teaching hospital emergency departments. METHODS: Prospective, randomised, unblinded, crossover trial. All patients received intravenous metoclopramide 10 mg and 1000 ml of normal saline over 1 h; 20 were then randomised to receive intramuscular sumatriptan 6 mg and 23 to receive intravenous chlorpromazine, 12.5 mg increments to a maximum of 37.5 mg. Response to treatment was measured using visual analogue pain scales. RESULTS: No difference in efficacy between the sumatriptan regimen and the chlorpromazine regimen was found. Adverse effects were mild and equally distributed between the groups. CONCLUSIONS: The chlorpromazine and sumatriptan regimens studied are both very effective for the relief of the headache of severe migraine.

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