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Injury surveillance in a children's hospital--overcoming obstacles to data collection.
  1. N V Doraiswamy
  1. Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Yorkhill, Glasgow.


    OBJECTIVE: To understand the problems involved in collection of injury surveillance (Glasgow Children Hospital Injury Reporting and Prevention Programme, CHIRPP) forms. METHODS: Glasgow CHIRPP forms were issued by the clerical staff to all eligible child carers for details of the injury or ingestions by the child, and the retrieval rate of forms was monitored. Reasons for the poor collection of forms were identified and rectified. RESULTS: The collection rate of Glasgow CHIRPP forms was poor when the system was introduced in 1993. It improved when the forms were issued by nursing staff, and considerable improvement was noted when the triage nurse was made responsible. CONCLUSIONS: When a named individual was made responsible there was an improvement in the retrieval of Glasgow CHIRPP forms. A few other simpler problems relating to the retrieval of forms were identified and rectified.

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