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Cardiac air gun pellet injury
  1. A J Hudson1,
  2. J P Wyatt2
  1. 1Accident and Emergency Department, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, Devon PL6 8DH, UK
  2. 2Accident and Emergency Department, Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro, Cornwall
  1. Correspondence to: Dr Hudson (a.hudson{at}

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An 11 year old boy was brought to accident and emergency by ambulance with a history of having been struck by a “ricochet” from a 0.22 inch air rifle fired from approximately 10 metres away by a friend. He had reportedly been clammy at scene, but on arrival at hospital was undistressed, with an oxygen saturation of 100% on oxygen, pulse 100 per minute with no ectopic beats and blood pressure 108/57 mm Hg. A 0.5 cm wound was noted on the right anterior chest …

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