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Hand injuries in young children from contact with vacuum cleaners
  1. D Macgregor
  1. Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital, Aberdeen, UK
  1. Correspondence to:
 Dr D Macgregor, Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital, Cornhill Road, Aberdeen AB25 2ZG, UK;


Objectives: To assess the incidence of injuries to young children sustained by contact with a domestic vacuum cleaner and to highlight the potential for significant injury. An increase in public awareness of these risks might result in a reduction in morbidity.

Methods: Over a period of one year, all children attending with an injury sustained because of contact with a domestic vacuum cleaner had review of their case notes by the author.

Results: Four children were identified as having sustained friction burns to a hand after contact with a vacuum cleaner. All required treatment and several review appointments before satisfactory resolution was achieved.

Conclusions: Although the number of cases seen was small, the potential for significant injury must be emphasised and public awareness increased in an attempt to reduce morbidity.

  • vacuum cleaners
  • children
  • injuries

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