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A simple procedure with nail preservation for ingrowing toe-nails.
  1. J H Tweedie,
  2. I Ranger


    The numerous methods used for treating ingrowing toe-nails are testimony to the lack of a generally acceptable procedure with a low failure rate. A simple procedure with nail preservation is described, and the results of treatment assessed. The procedure consists of making a transposition flap of the nail wall after preliminary curettage of the granulation tissue in the nail groove. A total of 82 patients were treated by this method over a 3-year period, and the results in 63 patients were assessed between 18 months and 3 years after surgery. A total of 120 operations were carried out and 110 (92%) were successful. The treatment is effective, well tolerated, not technically difficult, and should be considered as an alternative to current methods of treatment.

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