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BMX bicycles: accident comparison with other models.
  1. J Worrell


    A comparison has been made between BMX bicycle accidents and those occurring when children ride other types of bicycle. The injuries sustained are compared to see if the clinical impressions that BMX are more dangerous, and produce more facial injuries, are correct. This was found not to be true as half the children involved rode BMX bicycles, and the injuries sustained were similar to those occurring to non BMX riders. BMX riders had a lower proportion of serious injuries than riders of racing cycles. There were a large number of head injuries needing admission to hospital, but BMX riders had fewer head injuries than the other groups. The use of protective headgear was minimal. Facial injuries were evenly distributed between BMX and non BMX groups. The major cause of accidents to BMX riders was performing stunts but, overall, poor cycling technique associated with minimal cycling experience were the factors common to 50% of accidents.

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