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A preliminary investigation into bacterial contamination of Welsh emergency ambulances


Objectives: The objective of this regional study across Wales was to perform a preliminary examination of Welsh emergency vehicles to determine levels of bacterial contamination.

Methods: Specific sites within emergency vehicles were swabbed, before and after vehicle cleaning, over a 12 month period, on a monthly basis. All swabs were sent to pathology laboratories for culturing and analysis.

Results: Results showed that most sites within emergency vehicles across Wales were contaminated with a range of bacterial species before vehicle cleaning. After vehicle cleaning, many sites in vehicles were still contaminated, and some sites that were previously uncontaminated, became freshly contaminated as a result of cleaning methods used.

Conclusions: The authors conclude that the Welsh emergency vehicles examined exhibited an unacceptable level of bacterial contamination. This finding should be carefully considered and all attempts must be made to tackle the problem of vehicle cleanliness and infection control.

  • bacterial contamination
  • emergency vehicle contamination

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