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An authors’ error occurred in this paper by Dr Gunnell and others (2004;21:35–8). Incorrect totals for the number of suicides in England 1997–1999 were given. The figures wrongly included deaths coded E988.8 (accelerated death registration, most usually homicides). The correct figures (excluding those coded E988.8) are 4889 in 1999 (not 5292 in 2000 as stated in the text: see lines 6–7, para 1 introduction). Paragraph 1, lines 11–15 of the Results section should read: “Over the same period there were 14419 suicides, including 4033 overdose suicides in England. The 1149 in-hospital deaths therefore account for 28% of all overdose suicides and 8% of all suicides.” These corrected figures of 28% and 8% should also have appeared in the abstract (results line 2) and the Discussion, paragraph 1 lines 3 and 4.

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