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Prehospital care in the EMJ
  1. R Mackenzie,
  2. C Laird
  1. Associate Editors, Prehospital Care
  1. Correspondence to:
 Dr R Mackenzie;

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Developments in the prehospital care content of the EMJ

There is increasing recognition and acceptance of the view that the emergency medical system should provide seamless and appropriate care from the moment the patient is injured, taken ill, or seeks help. Coupled with this is a developing understanding that the many different demands for emergency or “unscheduled” health care can only be met by new and innovative working patterns and practices within emergency departments, ambulance services, and primary healthcare teams. The work on ambulance service roles and curriculums and the evolving emergency care practitioner concept published in this edition are just two examples of work being undertaken to meet prehospital care demands and improve access. This work is important and necessary. Among all this activity however, there is a small but real risk of neglecting the educational needs of those who currently provide urgent immediate care needs in the prehospital environment.

So how can the EMJ help? Firstly, our ABC of Community Emergency Care …

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