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BETs—Should they be published in the journal?
  1. A P Webster
  1. Department of Accident and Emergency Medicine, Doncaster Royal Infirmary, Doncaster, UK;

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    I agree with Dr Locker’s concerns regarding the publication of BETs in a peer reviewed journal. BETs are useful for introducing people to the theory of literature searching, and appraisal of published evidence, ideal skills for SPRs working towards their clinical topic review. However, this does not necessarily warrant their publication in a peer reviewed journal. They occupy valuable space within a journal that is only published bimonthly, which could instead be used by studies with more rigorous methodology. If the EMJ is to become a leading worldwide journal in the field of emergency medicine, should it be including BETs within its pages? I don’t see the Lancet or the BMJ publishing six to seven pages of Medline searches each edition. Although Dr Hogg does explain that she has carried out a rigorous search, and had this checked, this in itself does deviate from the initial aims of BETs as something a clinician could do in a short period of time. With the advent of nearly universal internet use is the BestBETs web site not the best place for them to reside?

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