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The 5 minute toxicology consult for PDA
  1. S Bush

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    R C Dart, Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, 2002, ISBN 0-78173-883-0

    Why am I writing a review of an e-book?

    PDAs are small but immensely capable mobile computers with greater processing power than the desktop machines of five years ago. These handheld computers have matured from simple address books to devices that can word process, email, run presentations, manage databases, and (this is the best bit) switch on every television in my house.

    Their basic memory varies from 8–64 megabytes but this may be expanded into the gigabyte range. This immense memory together with the ultra portability of the PDAs means that they can always be in your pocket offering near infinite text storage. A PDA may be the perfect way to carry your textbooks with you.

    This toxicology program is supplied on a CD …

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