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The 2003 Licensing Act: an act of stupidity?
  1. S Goodacre
  1. Correspondence to:
 Steve Goodacre
 Medical Care Research Unit, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK;

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As the 2003 Licensing Act comes into effect, what will the impact of the extending drinking hours be on UK emergency departments?

The 2003 Licensing Act will be coming into effect shortly in England and Wales. This removes restrictions on the sale of alcohol from bars and pubs, extending drinking time beyond 11pm. The Government hopes that this will lead to the English taking a more relaxed approach to drinking, and reduce the incidence of drunkenness, assaults, and anti-social behaviour often seen after 11pm closing. Senior police officers and judges are sceptical and have warned of increasing alcohol-related crime and violence.

What are the implications for emergency departments? …

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