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Mydriasis due to Datura inoxia
  1. S V Raman,
  2. J Jacob
  1. Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital Foundation Trust, Wonford, Exeter, UK
  1. Correspondence to:
 Mr S V Raman
 Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital Foundation Trust, Wonford, Exeter EX2 SDS, UK;


Unilateral, dilated unresponsive pupil may be secondary to a wide range of ocular and neurological disorders. "Gardener’s pupil" is a pharmacological mydriasis caused by exposure to plants containing alkaloids. We report a case of mydriasis related to Datura inoxia, and detail a number of plants that have toxic effects. This report emphasises the importance of accurate history taking when evaluating fixed dilated pupil. We recommend that labelling of such poisonous plants should detail the local and systemic effects of accidental exposure, rather than merely the fact that they are poisonous.

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