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  1. J Wardrope,
  2. P Driscoll, Editors

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    Those of us practicing in the UK have the luxury of not having to worry about the threat of rabies in animal bites. However, this can all too easily change as the case of bat rabies in Scotland demonstrates. We also need to consider rabies in bites that occur overseas. The review by McKay and Wallis provides an up to date review of the subject and excellent material for your Continuing Professional Development folder.
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    IPPV via an endotrahceal tube is often seen as the gold standard to optimize respiratory function in patients with severe injuries and most of us sigh with relief as the ET tube is seen safely though the cords. However, the long term consequences are rarely seen in the Emergency Department. It is going to take strong evidence for us to change our standard approach but the paper by Gunduz …

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