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ECGs for the emergency physician
  1. A Fletcher
  1. Northern General Hospital, Sheffield;

    Statistics from

    Edited by A Mattu and W Brady. London: BMJ Books, 2003, ISBN 0727916548

    “Can you just check this ECG?” is one of the most frequently asked questions in the Emergency Department. ECGs for the Emergency Physician will help you become an expert at answering ECG queries: a core skill for ED physicians. Mattu and Brady have put together 200 ECGs that illustrate virtually all electrocardiographic diagnoses. This is achieved in a self-assessment format that is instructive and interesting. The first hundred ECGs are “easier” and are useful revision for SHOs preparing for the MFAEM exam, or SpRs looking to improve their ECG diagnostic skills. The second hundred are certainly more “challenging” as the authors suggest. I recommend these as continuing education for Emergency Medicine specialists: no matter how well honed your skills, there is something here that will make you stop, think and learn.

    An A4-sized book, having two ECGs per page allows good reproduction of the data, and the answers are remote from the cases, so that a quick look is deliberately made more difficult. The answers are correspondingly concise, clear, and informative. You have the impression that the authors regularly examine ECGs in their EDs. Of comparable texts, this book is the most relevant to ED physicians. Basic knowledge is assumed though: this is not a text for medical students. I look forward to learning if BMJ books plan ABGs for the Emergency Physician or CXRs for the Emergency Physician, to complete the core data interpretation skills needed by ED physicians.

    It is hard to find fault with this book, except to say that to read the lot in one go will have you dreaming of PR segment abnormalities and Brugada syndrome.

    After you have read this book, I suspect the next person to ask you to “Just check this ECG” will be overwhelmed by your knowledge! Please can you provide the full details of the book, i.e. ISBN number, publisher, price, authors, number of pages etc.

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