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Shock resuscitation with acupuncture: a case report

▸ On 25 August 2004, Typhoon Aere battered northern Taiwan. Torrential rains that soaked the island throughout the night washed away roads in mountainous Hsin-Chu county. A 77 year old aboriginal female became drowsy due to septic shock in an isolated village. The roads were seriously destroyed by typhoon. Helicopter was the only means for delivering critical medical care and support. Poor weather conditions delayed the arrival of the medical and support team. Without emergency medical equipment, the patient was passing away while waiting for the arrival of the helicopter. With persistent emergency acupuncture stimulation administered for 80 minutes, the patient was kept vital sign until successful transferal to hospital care. She recovered without any complications of shock and was discharged six days later.

Shock resuscitation is an emergence and critical procedure. Many advanced viewpoints of shock resuscitation and critical medical care were proposed, but none of acupuncture. How emergency acupuncture stimulation benefits shock resuscitation remains unclear. Although the findings need to be verified with a larger sample, the initial results did show the beneficial effects of emergency acupuncture stimulation for shock resuscitation. The definitive benefits need to be further determined.

Bolus thrombolytic infusion during prolonged refractory cardiac arrest of undiagnosed cause

▸ Despite advances in resuscitation research, cardiac arrest still carries a poor prognosis. More than 70% of cases are caused by acute myocardial infarction (AMI) or pulmonary embolism (PE). Although thrombolytic therapy is an effective therapy for both AMI and PE; it is not …

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