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  1. Esther Wilson,
  2. Jonathan Wyatt

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    Those interested in the history and evolution of high impact research activity in emergency medicine may like to peruse the list of top 100 cited articles published in emergency medicine journals (

    ) . There is a bias towards US journals, with a mysterious lack of representation of some high profile journals from the rest of the world.


    Whether family or friends should be present during the resuscitation of a patient in cardiac arrest has generated controversy among physicians. A random telephone survey in Pennsylvania has collected the public view on this issue (

    ) . The results seem to indicate that the public are as equally polarised as physicians on this subject.


    Two studies relating to securing an airway in the absence of an experienced practitioner have caught the attention of Sophia. Both describe the use of new airway devices. The first study reports positive results from the use of an Airtraq laryngoscope, whose design allows a view through the airway’s curve …

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