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Contrecoup haemorrhage in a patient with left pubic fracture but right obturator artery bleeding
  1. Ying C Huang1,
  2. Peter Liu1,
  3. Jenn-Shyan Su2,
  4. Yi-Lii Lin3
  1. 1Department of Emergency Medicine, Chiayi Christian Hospital, Taiwan
  2. 2Department of Surgery, Chiayi Christian Hospital, Taiwan
  3. 3Department of Radiology, Chiayi Christian Hospital, Taiwan
  1. Correspondence to:
 Dr Ying C Huang
 86 Golden Dragon Street, Chiayi City, 60069, Taiwan; Galaxy.bear{at}


Contrecoup injury following head trauma is well known. It is caused by the acceleration–deceleration mechanism that can be fully explained by Newton’s first law of motion. We report on a victim of a motor vehicle accident with non-displacement left pubis fracture but haemorrhage from the right obturator artery. Contrecoup haemorrhage should be excluded first in unstable patients without evidence of significant trauma but with a minor pelvic fracture.

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