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Emergencies in clinical medicine
  1. Emma Sellers
  1. British Army;
    1. Claire L Jones
    1. British Army;

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      Edited by Piers Page, Greg Skinner. . Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2008, pp 456, £19.95. ISBN 13 978-0-19-920252-2.


      “It’s 3am on your first night shift. Your bleep goes; the nurse informs you that she has a patient “that is not right, doctor” and needs to be seen straight away.”

      “After the panic has settled, where do you turn?”

      “You start by searching through the large library of books in your bag, selected to cover every emergency. Why waste time?”

      We think we have found one book that could answer all your questions. Lots of “handbooks” promise this but why is this one so different from the rest? This book has been written by a young set of authors as “a text for junior …

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