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This month we publish several articles that give a theme to this edition of the EMJ. They include audits, reflections on clinical practice, a patient satisfaction report and recommendations on the future direction of research strategies. We welcome these types of articles and consider them to be just as important and relevant to our readers as papers that report on primary research, evidence-based decision making or provide an opportunity for personal continuing education.

Reflections from the Orient

Shao and his colleagues from Hangzhou describe the history and current state of the speciality of emergency medicine in China. The focus of their paper is on education and training. Comparisons with the equivalent in countries where the speciality is more advanced and mature will be of interest to many readers. To paraphrase Napoleon’s famous old cliché, the sleeping giant is waking up; it will surely not be too long before it is shaking (in a positive way with significant contributions) the emergency medicine world. We welcome this development (see page 573).

Prehospital emergency research

The 999 EMS Research Forum provides an important timely commentary (with …

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