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Nasty about NICE

Alan Leaman’s opinion piece about the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) puts the Emergency Medicine Journal in the uncomfortable position of being in the same camp as the Daily Mail. However, whereas the popular press attack NICE for their economic judgements, Leaman accepts the need for a body to adjudicate on cost-effectiveness and instead trains his sights upon the guideline development groups. NICE guidelines on chest pain and acute coronary syndrome are forthcoming. Would we be better off ignoring them?

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Ultrasound for intracranial pressure…

Emergency physicians trained in sonography may be interested to read the review by Soldatos and colleagues, which describes the evidence for using optic nerve sonography to assess intracranial pressure in patients with severe brain injury. As usual with new technologies, those left to look after the rest of the patients in the department may be less excited.

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