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Aortic dissection may be suspected from the pulse oximetry plethysmographic curve
  1. J L Auffray,
  2. P Asseman,
  3. P V Ennezat
  1. Intensive Care Unit, Hôpital Cardiologique, Centre Hospitalier Régional et Universitaire, Lille, France
  1. Correspondence to Dr P V Ennezat, Intensive Care Unit, Cardiology Hospital, Bd Pr J Leclercq, 59037 Lille Cedex, France; ennezat{at}

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Type A acute aortic dissection (AAD) requires prompt diagnosis to initiate life-saving treatment. However, the diagnosis of AAD is clinically challenging in the emergency room or prehospital setting. Pulse oximetry using a finger probe is routinely used to assess …

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