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Emergency Medicine Questions (EMQs)
  1. M Davey, Coordinator

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Question 1

Which of the following are true regarding arterial vascular access?

  1. Femoral arterial catheters have a much greater incidence of infection than radial arterial catheters.

  2. Normal collateral circulation in the hand is indicated in Allen’s test if colour returns to the hand within 20 s of release of pressure on the ulnar artery.

  3. The Seldinger (catheter over guidewire) technique is the preferred method of insertion of femoral arterial catheters.

  4. Catheterisation of the temporal artery in infants is associated with a high incidence of scalp ischaemic necrosis due to vessel thrombosis.

Question 2

Which of the following are true of peripheral venous catheters?

  1. Peripheral intravenous administration sets that do not contain lipids, blood or blood products may be left in place for …

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