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Importance of close surveillance for Charcot arthropathy in diabetic patients presenting to the emergency department with low-energy foot injuries


Close monitoring, regular review and early referral of diabetic patients with midfoot injuries is of paramount importance to identify and limit progression and complications of Charcot foot. The case history is presented of a 46-year-old diabetic patient who presented to the emergency department following a low-energy midfoot sprain which was treated conservatively and the patient was discharged from follow-up. She rapidly developed midfoot disruption and associated Charcot-type arthropathy requiring surgical reconstruction. This case highlights the importance of awareness of development of Charcot foot in low-energy injuries in diabetic patients despite normal index x-rays, and the necessity for close follow-up with early referral to a foot and ankle service.

  • Charcot
  • midfoot injury
  • emergency diabetic foot
  • Lisfranc
  • clinical assessment
  • emergency care systems, emergency departments
  • musculoskeletal
  • musculoskeletal, fractures and dislocations

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