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Major tracheal disruption after emergency uncomplicated endotracheal intubation
  1. C Richards
  1. NHS Forth Valley, Glasgow, UK
  1. Correspondence to Colin Richards, NHS Forth Valley, 3/2, 16 Elie Street, Glasgow G11 5HG, UK; colinhrichards{at}

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A 36-year-old woman presented as an emergency with decompensated alcoholic liver disease and sepsis from spontaneous bacterial peritonitis. Emergency intubation was carried out without difficulty (size 8 endotracheal tube without stylet). Chest x ray revealed suboptimal tube placement, so 8 ml of air was aspirated from the …

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  • Patient consent The patient is deceased so no written consent was obtained. Unfortunately, no relatives were able to be contacted to consent on the patient's behalf. The author is of the opinion that the images are of anonymous internal CT scan with no patient identifiable data.

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