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  1. Darren Walter, Deputy Editor

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Writing a piece to tickle the interest of the reader in this month's selection, I found myself looking for patterns or themes. As usually happens, there is something for most tastes but August seems to have a strong paediatric thread, some toxicology and a little ‘tip’ for a tricky intervention.

Children staying still

Paediatric trauma training talks about the anatomical differences in children and the problems it can cause. Pandie et al (see page 573) ask whether flat surface cervical spine alignment causes more problems than it solves. Cooperation can be poor, radiology difficult and a ‘thoracic elevation device’ might just be the ticket.

In terms of keeping our younger patients still, in two papers Babl and colleagues (see page 577 and see page 607) show how sedation is achieved in a Melbourne children's hospital and how such changes can be introduced, but caution against developing complacency. Complications are unusual and compliance with safety procedures and documentation can slip as staff become increasingly familiar with the process.

One of the commoner reasons …

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