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  1. Kevin Mackway-Jones, Editor

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To help those of you who are so committed as Emergency Physicians that you can find no reason to ever stray beyond the first three letters of the alphabet, Nigel Salter and colleagues have provided a case report that might open up your world. Go to (see page 720) to broaden you horizon.


If you survived that then it's time to go even further. One of Sir William Osler's most famous aphorisms is ‘the greater the ignorance, the greater the dogmatism’. Daniel Butler and colleagues from Oxford, UK, have bravely entered a field of firmly held opinions and have attempted to lessen the ignorance and the dogmatism by reviewing all the available evidence. H is, of course, for Helicopter and the question they have addressed is whether it is the helicopters, the skills of those who fly in them or a combination of the two that …

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