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Highlights from the literature
  1. Faiza Ahmad,
  2. Jonathan Wyatt

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Elephants that kill

Every year, hundreds of people are killed as a result of elephant attacks. Human conflict with elephants may result from encroaching of the animals' habitat by human civilisation. A report from West Bengal describes how 14 individuals died having been attacked by ‘wild tuskers’. The deaths resulted from trampling injuries to the head and/or chest, rather than from penetrating tusk injuries. Farm workers and labourers of low socioeconomic group living adjacent to forest areas appear to be most at risk (J Forensic Leg Med 2011;18:154–7).

Out of hospital cardiac arrest

Data from animal studies have provided some evidence to suggest that a few minutes of chest compressions before analysis of cardiac rhythm could be beneficial by enhancing the likelihood of successful defibrillation. However, a study published in the N Engl J Med (2011;365:787–97) of almost 10 000 adults who suffered out of hospital cardiac arrest failed to find evidence to support this strategy.


A considerable amount of energy has been devoted over many years to the development of biomarkers which assist with making the diagnosis …

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