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A comparison of the suction laryngoscope and the Macintosh laryngoscope in emergency medical technicians: a manikin model of severe airway haemorrhage


The use of a suction laryngoscope that enables simultaneous suction and laryngoscopy was evaluated. 34 emergency medical technicians intubated the trachea of a manikin with simulated upper airway haemorrhage using the suction laryngoscope and the Macintosh laryngoscope, in random order. When using the suction laryngoscope, the number of oesophageal intubations was lower (3/34 vs 11/34; p=0.021) and the time taken to intubation was shorter (mean (SD) 50 (15) vs 58 (27) s; p=0.041). In cases of airway haemorrhage, the use of the suction laryngoscope might be beneficial.

  • airway
  • clinical assessment, effectiveness
  • emergency ambulance systems
  • emergency care systems, primary care
  • respiratory

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