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Highlights from the literature
  1. David Maritz,
  2. Jonathan Paul Wyatt

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Unpublished research data

Systematic reviews play a significant role in shaping modern healthcare. The validity of systematic reviews relies upon the identification of all relevant evidence. Unfortunately, however, approximately half of all clinical trials remain unpublished after receiving ethics approval—many of these have statistically non-significant findings. A researcher from the University of Toronto argues in the BMJ (2012;344:d8013) how important it is for systematic reviewers to search for unpublished data and provides some tips on how to do this successfully.

Drug driving law

There is believed to be a significant problem in the UK with drivers who are under the influence of drugs. Hundreds of deaths and injuries are attributed, at least in part, to the impairment of drivers by drugs. The British Medical Journal (2012;344:e73) reports the news that the UK government is currently assembling an expert panel to investigate the feasibility of introducing legislation aimed at tackling this issue. The panel will be tasked with trying to set levels for the impairing effects of various drugs.

Surgery for ankle sprains?

A Cochrane review …

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