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Book review
Diagnostic Imaging for the Emergency Physician
  1. Simon Carley
  1. Correspondence to Professor Simon Carley, CEEC, Manchester Metropolitan University, c/o Emergency Department, Manchester Royal Infirmary, Manchester M13 9WL, UK; simon.carley{at}

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Authored by Joshua S Broder. Published by Elsevier Sanders

I was not sure what to make of this book when it first arrived. As an emergency physician I use diagnostic imaging all the time and we have a fantastic radiology department just round the corner. It's stocked with radiologists who are (for the most part) a delight to interact with and who are extremely helpful. Why then might I need a book that gives more information on the interpretation and understanding of radiological techniques? I'm pretty good with plain films, so why do I need more? Could this be another foray into a specialty that should be best left alone? At first glance, I was therefore a bit lost and my first impression was that this might be radiology-lite.

However, having spent some …

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