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  1. Simon Carley, Editor

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Do lights and sirens matter?

Not as much as I thought in the paper by Isenberg et al. They have looked at the need and filtering of 911 calls to reduce the number of responses that require a full lights and sirens response. Their three step protocol reduces the needs by one third, which may not only be good for crew safety, but may also make the world a more peaceful place (see page 592).

Do we need BLS instructors?

This month we have a really interesting study from Denmark by Nielsen et al. They have compared BLS performance among laypersons who were trained face to face versus those trained by DVD and their own, take home and try, manikin. They have found no difference between group, regardless of how the learners accessed the information which does ask questions about the small industry that exists around teaching BLS. It also questions all of us involved in education and life support related courses…how much influence do we really have …

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