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Procedural sedation and recall in the emergency department: the relationship between depth of sedation and patient recall and satisfaction (a pilot study)


This study aimed to determine the prevalence of patient recall and its relationship between sedation depth, pain and patient satisfaction in a sample of patients receiving procedural sedation in the emergency department. Recall, pain and patient satisfaction were measured on a scale of 0–10 and sedation depth a scale of 1–4 (American Society of Anesthesiologists sedation scale). Spearman's correlation test showed sedation depth was significantly related to recall (Spearman's ρ = −0.511, p<0.05) specifically with midazolam use (ρ = −0.857, p<0.01). Increased recall was associated with higher pain scores (ρ = 0.683, p<0.001) and lower patient satisfaction (ρ = −0.785, p<0.001).

  • Emergency medicine
  • procedural sedation
  • mental recall
  • pain
  • anaesthesia
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