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Highlights from the literature
  1. Jaco Slabbert,
  2. Jonathan Wyatt

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An egg a day is ok

Sophia was pleased to learn from research published in the BMJ (2013;346:e8539) that consumption of up to one egg per day is not associated with an increased risk of stroke or coronary heart disease. This news follows the widely publicised counter-intuitive message from research which appeared in JAMA (2013;309:71–82) that ‘overweight people live longer’.

Chest compression only CPR

Arguments continue about whether compression only cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is better than conventional CPR for adult patients who suffer sudden unexpected out of hospital cardiac arrest. A nationwide, prospective, population-based observational study was conducted in Japan in order to investigate this. Details from 1376 bystander witnessed out of hospital cardiac arrests were analysed—all cases had initially shockable rhythms and a nearby automated external defibrillator. The Japanese researchers conclude that compression only CPR was more effective than the conventional method (Circulation 2012;126:2844–51).

The bad water-pipe

A report in Prehosp Disaster Med (2012;27:612–14) describes carbon monoxide toxicity from prolonged water-pipe (shisha) smoking. This way of smoking has been practiced for centuries in India …

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