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  1. Mark Lewis,
  2. Jonathan Wyatt

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Obesity is AAA risk

A Swedish population-based cohort study searched for a relationship between obesity and the risk of developing an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA). It found that an increased waist circumference resulted in an increase in the risk of developing an AAA. The investigation did not find a relationship between an increased body mass index and AAA incidence, suggesting intra-abdominal adiposity to be an important factor (Br J Surg 2013;100:360–6).


An article in the N Engl J Med (2013;368:745–55) reviews the pathogenesis, clinical features and treatment of tuberculosis. The disease has for a long time been a big killer all over the world and it remains so. Nowadays, co-infection with human immunodeficiency virus represents a particular challenge. New drugs offer potentially shorter courses of treatment, whilst in the longer-term, there is a hope that effective vaccines will be developed.

Managing whiplash injury

Practitioners working in emergency medicine will be familiar with patients presenting with neck pain and associated symptoms, especially following road …

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