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  1. Ellen J Weber

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African Journal of Emergency Medicine

Official Journal of the African Federation for Emergency Medicine, the Botswana Society for Emergency Care, the Emergency Medicine Association of Tanzania, the Emergency Medicine Society of South Africa, the Ethiopian Society of Emergency Medicine Professionals and the Libyan Emergency Medicine Association

The south african triage scale (adult version) provides valid acuity ratings when used by doctors and enrolled nursing assistants

Twomey M, Wallis LA, Thompson ML, Myers JE.

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Objectives To estimate the validity of triage ratings by South African nurses and doctors with training and practical experience using the South African Triage Scale.

Methods Five emergency physicians and 10 enrolled nursing assistants, who had been trained in the use of the South African Triage Scale, were selected via convenience sampling to retrospectively triage adult emergency centre vignettes. Participants independently assigned triage ratings to 100 written vignettes unaware of the ratings given by others. Triage ratings were compared with ratings of two experts from the South African Triage Group. Standard validity indicators including sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value and negative predictive value were used to estimate the validity for the combined group of emergency physicians and enrolled nursing assistants. Associated percentages for over-/under-triage were used to further assess validity within the South African context and over-/under-prediction …

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