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  1. Simon Carley, Social Media Editor

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Higher bed occupancy: Does it mean more deaths

In the UK we have heard a great deal about the ‘weekend effect’ the supposed increase immortality associated with weekend admissions. The size and reasons for that effect are hotly debated and in the emergency department we are used to seven day working, but what of the effect of crowding and bed occupancy? This month Boden et al show an association between bed occupancy and mortality. This is a paper you must read for yourself, as it's quite likely to be spun by those with vested interests in this political hot potato.

Are junior ED placements stressful?

The working conditions of junior doctors in the UK are currently the focus of much political debate. Proposed changes to the national contract have spotlighted concerns about the working conditions and stressors on our junior colleagues. Mason et al studied the well being, confidence and self reported confidence of junior doctors (PGY2) working in UK emergency departments. ED placements are often quoted as being the most stressful and this study confirms this, albeit within the normal …

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