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  1. Claire Morgan,
  2. Shaun Thayre
  1. South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust


Background A Frequent Caller (FC) to the Ambulance Service, defined nationally by FreCaNN, is an adult (18y+) who makes 5 or more emergency calls a month, or 12 or more in 3 months.

The SWASFT FC Team analyse the monthly data following the SWASFT FC Management Policy including multiagency working across Primary Health, Social Care, Police and Housing.

This study aimed to establish whether low level FCs (5-9 times/month or ≥12 in 3 months) were a warning marker for future high level FCs (>10 times/month) and if the management of these callers by a Frequent Caller Lead (FCL) reduced call volume.

This study analysed 425 high level Frequent Callers.

Method South Hub: The FCL collected data from Jan 14–Aug 15 on High Level FCs to identify if patients were recorded as low level FCs in the 6 months previous. The 6 months following the recording of a high level FC was also examined to measure the benefit of managing these patients.

North Hub: The FCL was not appointed until September 2015, thus providing a control group.

Results ▸ Low Level 999 FCs do not necessarily become a High Level FCs (table 1).

▸ Managing High Level FCs shows a reduction in call volume, with many ceasing to call (table 2).

▸ The average call volume for FCs to the South Hub (managed) was lower than that to the North Hub (unmanaged) (table 3).

Table 1
Table 2
Table 3

Conclusions ▸ There is no indication that Low Level FCs become High Level FCs.Those calling 5× month, or 12 × in 3 months are therefore not currently being managed proactively.

▸ Managing High Level FCs reduces their 999 demand.

▸ Evidence has also shown that management of the Entrenched FCs was beneficial as it reduced their call volume.

  • prehospital care

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