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Chest wall mass: what lies beneath?


Clinical introduction A 24-year-old Filipino man attended the ED with a 1-month history of a discrete swelling over his upper anterior chest wall that was rapidly increasing in size and tenderness. He denied any other symptoms. His medical history was unremarkable.

Examination revealed a tender, 7 cm × 6 cm mass over the upper part of the sternum (figure 1). The surface was smooth, it was immobile, non-compressible and the overlying skin was normothermic but mildly erythematous. Cervical lymphadenopathy was present. His vital signs were normal.

Question What is the most likely diagnosis?

  1. Lipoma

  2. Chondrosarcoma

  3. Lymphoma

  4. Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB)


  • chest - non trauma
  • global health
  • imaging, ct/mri
  • infectious diseases, bacterial
  • musculo-skeletal, soft tissue infection

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