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Eighty-nine-year-old woman with abdominal pain and vomiting


Clinical introduction An 89-year-old female patient presented to the ED with mild abdominal pain and a history of vomiting for 3 days. Because of dementia, further history was unclear. Vital signs were normal. Clinical examination revealed mild abdominal pain without defence or signs of peritonism. Bowel sounds were normal. Lab results showed a white cell count of 16x109/L, otherwise normal. There was no episode of vomiting during the ED consultation. A supine AXR was performed (figure 1).

What is the diagnosis?

  1. Foreign body

  2. Gallstone ileus

  3. Colon obstruction

  4. Intestinal volvulus

  • abdomen-non trauma
  • gastro intestinal imaging
  • x-ray emergency departments

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