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PP27 An exploration of the experiences of paramedics taking part in a large randomised trial of airway management, and the impact on their views and practice
  1. K Kirby1,2,
  2. J Brandling1,
  3. M Robinson2,
  4. S Voss1,
  5. J Benger1
  1. 1University of the West of England, UK
  2. 2South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, UK


Background The participation of over 1500 study paramedics in AIRWAYS-2 provides a unique opportunity for an in depth exploration of how the views and practice of study paramedics, in advanced airway management, may have developed as a result of their participation in AIRWAYS-2, and how their experiences can inform future trials in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA). Future prehospital guidelines and practice will not only be shaped by the results of large trials such as AIRWAYS-2, but also by the views and attitudes of UK paramedics towards OHCA, airway management and research. This study allows an opportunity to add depth and understanding to the results of AIRWAYS-2.

Study aims To explore paramedics’ experiences of participating in a large cluster randomized trial of airway management during OHCA, specifically:

  1. The challenges of enrolling patients who are critically unwell and unable to consent;

  2. Barriers and facilitators to successful research in OHCA patients;

  3. The impact on paramedics’ clinical practice and airway management during and after the trial;

  4. The role of advanced airway management during OHCA.


  1. Content analysis of an online survey of 1500 study paramedics to assess their experiences of participating in the trial and to establish any changes in their views and practice.

  2. Thematic analysis of telephone interviews with study paramedic to explore the findings of the online questionnaire. Exploring any changes in views and practice around advanced airway management as a result of participating in the trial; assessing experiences of trial training and enrolling critically unwell patients without consent, and exploring the barriers and facilitators for trial participation and the views of paramedics on the future role of advanced airway management during OHCA.

Results and conclusions The study is in the analysis phase and is due to complete and report by the 31st January 2019.

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