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PP43 Line manager knowledge and concerns when managing female staff during the menopause transition in one UK ambulance service
  1. Theresa Foster,
  2. Larissa Prothero,
  3. Tessa Mochrie
  1. East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust, UK


Background Menopausal symptoms can have a significant effect on workplace attendance and performance, yet limited evidence regarding the impact of menopause transition in the emergency services exists.

Previous service evaluation activity in one UK ambulance Trust identified scope for improving staff health and wellbeing during the menopause transition and led to development of national research currently underway. One of the research aims was to understand line manager knowledge and concerns when managing female staff during the menopause transition.

Methods Following self-consent, a purpose-designed, online, anonymous, 17-question survey, was developed to understand line manager demographics (age, gender, time in managerial role, number of staff managed, function within Trust), access to menopause transition training and policy, whether they felt comfortable talking about the menopause and managing staff in menopause transition, views about the key work issues and key health concerns of menopausal female staff, and their own key concerns when managing such staff across all functions of one UK ambulance service.

The research also sought to explore recommendations for service improvements that could better support managers with staff experiencing the menopause. This research commenced in December 2021 with the survey due to close after 30 days. The responses are due to be analysed using quantitative (descriptive) and qualitative (thematic) approaches.

Results This research is in progress but not complete. However, quantitative data analysis will be completed by end of January 2022, including a description of respondent characteristics, and respective knowledge, concerns, and issues. High-level qualitative themes are anticipated to be extracted by end of February 2022 in time for presentation at the conference.

Conclusions The findings of this novel research will provide insight to the impact of the menopause transition on those in a line manager role within the prehospital ambulance setting and identify initiatives for further research or service development activity.

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